FLSA is further increasing its focus on student health and wellbeing this year, as it is such a crucial aspect that is often overlooked when university life gets too busy.

Mental health is an ongoing issue not only with law students, but members of the legal profession as well. Whilst balancing your work, study and social life is almost impossible, FLSA aims to make your journey through law school an enjoyable and memorable experience.

FLSA will be hosting numerous wellbeing events throughout the year, dedicated to raising mental health awareness and providing free services to students to relieve stress. Some of these services are: therapy dogs for students to sit down, pat and play with in the Law Courtyard, free goodie bags, food, smoothies, and information seminars on various wellbeing and health issues.


Walk for Justice

FLSA is proud to annually participate in the Walk for Justice, raising money for JusticeNet SA, who provide free legal assistance for hundreds of disadvantaged South Australians. They partner with an extensive network of South Australian lawyers and law firms who help to provide free legal services to the most disadvantaged in our community, including those experiencing poverty, disability, risk of homelessness, refugees and people representing themselves in court.


Wellbeing Panel Session

Our Wellbeing Panel Session brings together legal professionals, academics and experts in mental health to discuss the stigma associated with mental illness. It is open to law students of the three South Australian universities, and members of the legal profession too.