FLSA runs a variety of competitions throughout the year for students to develop useful skills for their future careers and apply their learning to a given situation. First Year Skill Development Exercises are open to students in their first three semesters of law school, while all students can participate in Open Competitions.


Lipman Karas Negotiation

The Negotiation Competition simulates a negotiation between two teams of two.

In this competition, each team will aim to reach an amicable compromise that their client is happy with whilst trying to avoid litigation.

This competition gives students the opportunity to practice integral skills that will be necessary in their work for the profession.


Open Moot

A mooting competition for all students. In teams of two, competitors will argue points of law before an appellate court.

A great opportunity to build skills like public speaking, thinking under pressure, legal research, and analytical skills that can lead to further mooting opportunities. 


Lipman Karas First Year Moot for Advancing Technology

A first year only exercise focused on skill development with a twenty-first century focus, during which participants will be immensely supported. During this exercise, participants take part in teams of two and experience going to court and advocating for your client in front of a judge.

Participants will be given the facts of the case and will determine the legal problem from it, research the law, develop an argument, and then orally deliver their arguments in front of a judge.


Open Client Interview

An interviewing competition for all students. In teams of two, competitors will develop their client interview skills.

A competition focused on developing teamwork, communication, and analytical skills. In a life-like but supportive environment, students will complete a client interview with the objective of extracting facts and determining the crux of the client’s legal issue.


First Year Client Interview for Progressive Change

A first year only exercise focused on skill development.

Participants will conduct a life-like legal interview in teams of two. Their role consists of asking questions to extract facts to determine the crux of the legal issue.


Witness Examination

A competition that simulates a trial inside a courtroom.

Competing alone, each competitor directly examines their own client as well as cross-examining their fellow competitor’s client. A great skill development opportunity that enables you to think on your feet and take part in a simulated trial.